When the BBC pays for a smile

The BBC pays to have its image broadcast on TV, radio and online.

And in 2015, the corporation decided to do so as well.

The BBC said in a statement: “We are committed to supporting the BBC’s content.

But as our news is delivered in a variety of ways, our decision to fund digital platforms for our news has to be made in a way that minimises our impact.”

We’re told that the BBC will pay for the image to be used on the internet, where it can be shared and viewed by anyone.

This means it’s being broadcast by people, not corporations.

The announcement was made in the corporation’s annual results.

But it’s not clear exactly how much the BBC is paying for each image.

We do know that the corporation is paying $7,000 per image, for a total of $60,000.

The amount of the image is not released, but in the company’s 2016 annual report, it’s mentioned as “around $15 million”.

We do not know how much each image will cost to produce.

The figure was not mentioned in any of the corporation´s annual reports for 2016.

A BBC spokesperson said that it is “committed to ensuring that our audiences get access to BBC News and its news content at the best possible quality”.

“We will continue to do all that we can to support the BBC as it prepares to deliver its flagship programme of ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

We are committed, as always, to our audiences.”

It’s unclear what the BBC expects to get out of this arrangement.

The news outlet said it was “not aware of the specific amount of money being paid to the BBC” and “does not discuss its commercial arrangements”.

We don’t know what the actual cost of producing the image was or how much it will cost the corporation to create.

We did get a sense of what the cost of creating a smile could be.

The image for this year’s edition of the BBC Radio 4 Breakfast show is worth around $20,000, and will cost around $100,000 to create, the company said.

The picture was created by an artist using a digital image editor.

But that isn’t the same as being paid.

The artist is not an employee of the broadcaster, but is contracted by the BBC to create the image.

He or she is not even the BBC.

The corporation is simply buying the image and sharing it on its website.

The cost of the picture is the same for the BBC, which pays the artist a fee to create it.

So, the artist would have to pay for it himself or herself.

The actual cost will depend on the quality of the artwork, but it will be more than the image itself, the BBC said.

That’s because the image will be a mix of digital and analog images.

We asked the BBC if the image would have cost it a lot more to create this year.

It said: “There is no specific estimate for the cost.

But we are currently evaluating the cost involved and will make that available once the cost is more fully known.”

The BBC did not respond to questions about how much its image will have cost to create and how much will be spent on it.