Opera singer: ‘We’re not going to be doing that much’

OPERATING MILES, France — Opera singer Dario Franceschini has said he will not be returning to the opera world.

Franceschini, who has been a part of the opera industry since his late teens, said in an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde on Sunday that he is not returning to opera after all.

Franceschi, who is also the owner of a business that produces music for TV, said that the industry’s commercial model is “not sustainable” and he has no interest in continuing to work in it.

“I don’t think I’m going to get paid for it anymore,” he said.

“If the companies want to be competitive and have a better return on their investment, I’m happy to go to that, but I don’t see any point in doing it.”

In the interview with Le Mondonde, Franceschini also called the Opera House, a former hotel on the Riviera, a “pile of garbage” that is now part of a “bust-and-dump” plan for the resort.

“When I arrived, I didn’t think it was a hotel,” Franceschini said.

In a statement to French media on Monday, the Opera house said it was “disappointed” by Franceschini’s comments and that the company is working with the singer and other artists to find ways to “restore the integrity” of the company.

“Dario has made it clear that he believes he has made the right decision to end his professional and artistic career,” the statement read.

“He hopes that in the future he will be able to continue working in the Opera and that his contribution will be appreciated by the community and the opera house.”

The opera house said that it would continue to support the singer in any way possible and that it will continue to provide support for him “as long as we can.”

Franceschini was born in Italy and is the son of Italian opera singer Antonio Franceschini.

He has worked with many of the world’s biggest opera companies including the French Royal Opera, the British Royal Opera and the German Royal Opera.

He also worked for the American opera company Stravinsky and has been working in New York City for several years.