How to watch Spanish soap opera mini download on Netflix in your browser

Netflix users in the United States are having their hearts broken by a short-lived Spanish soap opera.

Spanish soap Opera Mini is available in more than 20 countries and will air in 2019.

It’s available to stream in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Spaniards can’t watch the show on Netflix but are able to watch the movie online.

The Spanish soap Opera mini is set in a futuristic city in Spain where women have become the stars of their own soap opera, but this is not a utopia, said the trailer, which is titled “The Love of My Life.”

It stars Elina Almeida as a glamorous actress in an era of male supremacy, while her love interest, Ana López de Carvalho, plays the daughter of a wealthy man.

The movie was produced by Cinepodólica, which has been working on short films since 2011, according to its website.

It says it was “created with the desire to create a new type of film.”

A spokesperson for Netflix declined to comment on the situation, but told The Washington Post in a statement: “While we cannot comment on specific movies, we are committed to diversity and inclusion of people of all backgrounds and perspectives in our programming.”

The Spanish version of the show has been watched more than 5 million times and was picked up by a Spanish language channel last year.

The show premiered on Spanish TV last month.