What’s the deal with the Christmas Child?

A recent article by the Financial Post on Christmas Child in its title and image of a Christmas Child was a bit misleading and didn’t make it clear what the company was doing with the children.

So we’re sharing it with you now to give you a better idea of what’s happening.

Christmas Child is a child-free service which is run by the National Childbirth Trust and operates in England, Scotland and Wales.

It was established in 2011 and provides a platform for people to share their Christmas wishes online.

In 2016, it was sold to the company called Childfree and became a full-fledged Childfree organisation.

“We have the highest number of people on the internet sharing Christmas wishes every day, but unfortunately most people don’t have the time or money to spend on those Christmas gifts,” Childfree’s founder, Rachel Rafferty, told the Financial Press.

She said she had been working with other charities and non-profit organisations to find a way to support the Christmas child.

To find out more about Christmas Child, visit its website here.