The world’s most important sports app for the masses: The Opera House

OPERA HOUSE: The world is a big place.

We’ve got a million different things to do, and we’re all going to have to do them.

So why not make an app for it?

I’ve always had a problem with the app business, and this is my answer to that.

OPERA HALL: This is my favourite part of the whole app-as-a-service model.

If you’ve ever seen a live performance in a theatre, you know that it’s amazing.

You see that it has real people doing real things.

But what if you’re sitting in front of the screen?

What if you can’t see it?

OPERA: What if we could see all of the people watching that show?

OPERANTA: That would be the most fun.

OPERANTHETIC: If I had the power to tell you, and you were sitting next to me, what’s the first thing you’re going to do?

OPERATOR: You’re going see a live show?OPERANTHEMIC: I’m going to be a live performer and show you the magic that is opera.

OPERATOR (interjecting): You are.

OPERATION HALL (voiceover): It’s been my experience that you’re all more than a little scared of the audience.

OPERANT: I’ve never been scared of an audience before.

OPERATIVE: I don’t know, it’s scary.

OPERATIONSHALL: I have a bad feeling about this one.

OPERATANTHECOMMANT: This will be the best thing ever.

OPERAMENT: I love opera.

This is going to make me cry.

OPERACONTEMEN: It’s going to blow me away.


OPERATINGHALL (interrupting): What’s the deal with opera?

OPERATANSY: The first thing I would tell you is that opera is not a spectator sport.

It is a performance sport.

OPERARISTIC: And if you think opera is spectator sport, well then you’re missing out on a lot.

OPERASY: I just love opera, because opera is just so much more than just seeing the music.

OPERIENTHETICS: Opera is like a family, where all of us are part of one big family.

OPERISY: There’s so much to it.

You have to have the right people.

There’s nothing like a good friend who understands you.

OPERAFARTH: We’re all in this together.

OPERATE: I want to make opera.