Opera Cake is now up for sale

Opera Cake, one of the largest cake makers in Europe, is now available for sale on the Crypto Coins website.

The company announced the sale on December 18.

The sale price is 0.1 BTC.

The cake is made with a base of almond butter and sugar and topped with chocolate icing and a cream cheese frosting.

Opera Cake offers two different flavors of its cake: a vanilla and chocolate cake and a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate icing.

Opera Cake has more than 20 million cakes sold, according to the company.

It is one of a few large cake makers that is also offering an Opera Cake on the cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp.

OperAce is another large cake maker that has been making cake in Europe.

The company has sold a few million Opera Cake cakes and is looking to expand its sales further, according a post on its website.

Operabox is also expanding its sales, adding more cafes in London and Berlin and adding two more bakeries in Paris.

The new Opera Cake has a similar base to Opera Cake and is sold in three flavors: vanilla, chocolate and cream cheese.

Opero Cake is currently available for purchase in three sizes: one cup, one cake pan and one pie pan.

Operas prices range from 1.2 to 4.5 BTC depending on the size of the cake pan.