What happens if the US Navy loses a US-flagged vessel in the South China Sea?

On January 31, the US lost its most expensive and most capable warship to an alleged Chinese attack off the coast of Japan.

The USS Ronald Reagan was en route to the southern Japanese island of Okinawa, and was being held by Chinese forces in the disputed Senkaku Islands, where Japan claims the waters.

After a months-long standoff, the Reagan was eventually returned to Japan.

In the meantime, the Pentagon has announced that the US will spend $1.4 billion to replace the warship.

But the Pentagon, in a statement, described the replacement as a “minor project” with “limited impact.”

The Reagan’s loss will mark the first time in decades that a US warship has been lost to a Chinese attack.

While the USS Reagan was a capable warships, it was also the first US warships to be lost in the Asia-Pacific region, where China is engaged in an aggressive military buildup.

This week, the U.S. Navy said that it will spend more than $1 billion on replacing the warships that it lost in China, in addition to the $900 million spent on a replacement of the USS Fitzgerald, which was attacked by Chinese fighters in January.

According to Defense News, the Navy is paying $1,000 for each ship.

While there are currently a total of 22 ships in the US fleet, only three of those are of the Type 055NN class.

The Type 054N and Type 056N classes are also used in the carrier aircraft carrier.

The first Type 057N was commissioned in 2007, but it is currently not operational due to problems with the hull.

The US Navy currently uses the Type 005N and 006N classes, which are based on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The ships were designed in the 1940s, but they have since been replaced with newer versions of the Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, which replaced the Nimbus-class carriers of the 1960s.

The new aircraft carriers will also have a significantly larger footprint than the Nimos, according to the Pentagon.

As a result, the USS Ronald D. Reagan’s replacement cost will likely be higher than the USS Nimitz, which costs $4.4 million per ship.

However, according, the Department of Defense said that the Reagan’s cost will be about $1 million per unit of the vessel, and that the cost will decrease significantly once the warskips are replaced.

The Reagan was the largest warship of its type, measuring approximately 18,300 feet long and weighing more than 3,500 tons.

The warship was built in the early 1960s and is the largest U.