MLB’s Jeff Passan: MLBPA is working on $200M settlement for players

The MLB Players Association (MLBPA) has reached an agreement with the National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLBs) to pay out $200 million in damages over the alleged mistreatment of players by MLB and MLBBs.

The settlement, which includes a $1.9 million award to players, was announced by the MLBPA and MLBBPA on Wednesday.

It comes just days after the National Labor Relations Board ruled that MLB and the NLRB violated players’ rights by forcing them to work without pay and to participate in practices such as the use of “disloyal” language.

The NLRB ruled in April that the NLB’s rules on collusion in baseball were “unworkable and arbitrary,” and that MLB had violated the Players’ Compacts.

The MLBPA’s announcement comes after MLB and its union agreed to a settlement in July over a similar antitrust suit filed by the union against MLB and Major Leagues in 2011.

In the new settlement, the MLB and NFL agreed to pay $400 million in compensatory damages, $100 million in punitive damages, and $20 million in attorney fees.

The new settlement comes as the MLB’s union continues to work to reach a collective bargaining agreement with MLBB.

That was originally expected to take place in mid-November.