Lyft CEO says he’ll never be CEO again

Lyft’s new CEO, Anthony Levandowski, has apologized for “inappropriate behavior” in the wake of a video of him grabbing a woman by the hair and repeatedly telling her to “go to hell.”

In the video, Levandowski is seen telling a female customer to “stop trying to make me look bad.”

In the video the Uber driver is heard telling the driver to “fuck off.”

Levandowski is not the only one who’s been in hot water for his behavior on the job.

In March, Uber fired one of its executives after a video surfaced of him telling a male Uber driver to go “to hell.”

In a statement, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick called Levandowski’s behavior “disgusting.”

Kalanicks apologized for his actions, but he didn’t explain why he chose to fire him.

In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, Levasson said he was fired “because of actions I took at a critical time in my career.

My personal and professional values are incompatible with these values and I deeply regret that I acted in a manner that made me feel uncomfortable.”

He said he would “absolutely” return to Uber if Kalanickers offer to hire him.

“I am not quitting the company,” Levassons statement reads.

“But I would prefer to be at a different company.”