How to use Twitter to get your first ever tweet

Posted by Pete Powered by  Twitter, Pete decided to get his first ever Twitter tweet.

He had no idea it would be retweeted by the President of the United States.

Pete’s first tweet was a screenshot of a video about a young black man, which was retweeted over 5,000 times.

Pete decided that’s what he wanted to be known for, and started making a lot of tweets about black people.

It didn’t take long for Pete to find his voice, and after years of being a comedian, he found himself on the air as a regular on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

He eventually became the host of Colbert’s Colbert Report.

His career as a comedy writer and performer also took off, and he has continued to make appearances on the late night shows and the Comedy Central comedy series, including hosting the popular Colbert Report podcast.

Pete has had a career spanning more than 40 years, and now lives in Los Angeles.

Pete is married with four kids and works as a comedian for Comedy Central.