Donald Trump’s best-selling novel is a ‘dangerous lie’

Donald Trump is still selling his book The Art of the Deal to millions of Americans.

But in this latest installment of his “Dangerous Lies,” Trump wrote that the book is “a dangerous lie.”

In the book, Trump, a real estate developer, tells a story about how he went to the Vatican to negotiate a $2.7 billion deal with a mobster.

After failing to persuade the mobster to drop his demands for $20 million, Trump claims he went on to negotiate with him a much larger sum of money.

The real estate mogul says he met with the mobsters in his hotel room in Italy, where they paid for a new elevator to take the mob out of the building.

He says he then took the elevator back to his hotel and “went back to sleep.”

“This is my real story,” Trump writes.

“And if I have to tell it to a friend, it’s because I didn’t want to hurt anyone.”

Trump, who has long criticized the Pope and other Catholics for failing to take more stringent action against organized crime, has long pushed the Vatican for harsher action against the Mafia.

He wrote in a recent book that the Mafia was an “enemy of the American people,” and that he hoped Pope Francis would be able to “do more to help the American victims of the crime wave” that erupted after 9/11.

Trump has also repeatedly blamed the Pope for a rise in Catholic suicides.

The Pope is a Catholic, but he did not approve of Trump’s campaign rhetoric, according to a biography of him published in 2007 by the Catholic University of America.

The biography described Trump’s claim that Pope Francis had condemned the Republican candidate for making disparaging remarks about the Catholic Church as “a lie.”

Pope Francis, a Catholic and the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, has not responded to a request for comment about the book.